3rd Web is a vision of the web we want to exist. It is a set of values and operating principles shared across a group of ambitious and talented technologists, designers, entrepreneurs, and artists. We believe a better web is just around the corner.

We believe that social media technology needs to pivot away from extractive short term economic models and towards incentivizing the innate qualities that make humans capable of solving hard problems.

Using data to manipulate people into easily predictable behavioral categories is a damaging and unsustainable model – one that drives us away from the exact type of unconventional thinking that we need to solve the problems we’re faced with.

We want to build a web that enables humans to do what we do best: learn, innovate, iterate, and collaborate. We want those humans to have a stake in what they’re involved in online – that they are both invested in and capable of profiting from their effort, because we are all stakeholders in what comes next.

The web of the future is holistic, and it will be an engine for our collective achievement. We want to build for that future. 
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